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Utilizing this web site for anything other than small claims courtroom procedures, filing a small claims case, obtaining information available on debt collection and collection agencies to collect on your judgement, searching and getting in touch with an attorney/lawyer for your trial(s), or for the express purpose of attaining data about the small claims procedure is strictly forbidden!

Before submitting a case with the court you will want to speak to a debt collection service that represents Tuscaloosa. There's a likely possibility that your debt will be recovered on your behalf before you have to resort to filing a case. You should make use of the solutions on this site to get in touch with a reliable debt collection service in order to collect for you. If you are thinking about taking your trial to court and will need to settle soon then you may also wish to take this option method. In the unlikely event that a collection agency is incapable to collect, then please continue to file your case with the court. Our docket que is now at over six (6) months waiting to be heard in trial. Please be patient.

Small claims cases generally do not require a legal professional. If you feel that your condition is unique or you don't feel secure with representing your facts in front of a judge you may seek out councel assistance. You should always be well organized for your trial in court. This courtroom will hear your trial only once to make it's final decision. Be certain to have all of your paperwork prepared and any testimonies or witnesses you have are available for your trial to speed up the process.

If you have submitted a case and more than six (6) months has passed, please review the official small claims docket section for Tuscaloosa. You may have not been given notification in the mail so you need to observe this site to be sure that you do not overlook any deadlines or trial dates.

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The Tuscaloosa small claims court provides a way for you to sue someone for financial damages, where large amounts of money are not in question. Typically this court will hear about small debts, with limitations based on jurisdiction.

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